4 Ways To Use Your Smartphone For Your Next Auto Insurance Claim

Are you worried that you won't know what to do next time you get into an accident? Your smartphone can be your best friend when you need to file an auto insurance claim -- and that's not just because many insurance companies today accept claims through their apps. Here are four ways your smartphone can help the next time you get into an accident.

1. Take Pictures and Video Immediately Following the Accident

While most people don't happen to have a good camera on hand when they get into an accident, almost everyone has their phone. You should immediately take pictures of your car in addition to any other cars involved in the accident. If there has been property damage -- such as hitting a pole -- you should also take pictures of that. The more information you have the better! Remember, this is even true if you believe you were at fault. You want to be able to show exactly what damages you were responsible for directly.

2. Look Up Your Auto Insurance Information

In a perfect world you would always have your insurance cards in your wallet -- but this isn't a perfect world and it's very possible you can end up without it. Luckily, most police officers today will be willing to take your auto insurance information from your smartphone. In some situations, you might need to call to verify that insurance is available before the officer will move on. If there is no officer involved, you can give the information directly to anyone else involved.

3. Find Your Nearby Service Stations

After an accident, the first thing you probably want to do is get your vehicle fixed. You can use your phone to locate service stations that serve your insurance company; just log into your insurance company and there should be a list of providers. You can then use your phone's GPS to determine which is easiest to get to. Remember that you definitely want to find a company that works with your insurance provider! Some insurance providers, however, will reimburse you regardless, as long as they are able to get competing quotes for your service.

4. Send Your Claim Information In

If your auto insurance company has an app, you're all set; just load the pictures and video in, and you'll be on your way. If they don't, however, all is not lost. You can either email the documents directly to your agent or use an electronic faxing app to send it. You can have your claim information sent in before you even get home. 

And, of course, once you've finished all that, the best thing to do with your phone is call your agent. Your agent will be able to walk you through the process of actually submitting your auto insurance claim and getting your vehicle fixed. For more information about auto insurance, contact Appomattox Insurance & Financial Services Inc..