The Requirements for Getting a Payday Advance

Getting a payday advance, also called a payday loan, allows you to have some emergency cash before your next paycheck. You will need to pay the loan back along with a small fee, but it allows you to take care of last-minute emergencies, like your car breaking down or a visit to the vet. Here are some requirements that are common with payday-loan companies.

Show Regular Income with Proof

First of all, you will need to prove that you get regular income and can re-pay the advance with your next paycheck. This doesn't necessarily need to be from employment, but you need a regular source of income, such as disability payments or unemployment benefits. Regardless of how you receive your income, you need to have previous statements or paystubs that show how much you earn and the frequency. More than one paystub is usually needed to show that you get paid on a regular basis and at about the same amount.

Have a Bank Account

You also need to have a bank account, which also helps to show how much money you earn. For most payday-advance companies, you will need to write a check for the advance amount to the company and then leave the check with them until you return to pay back the loan. This is done as an extra precaution because if you do not return to pay the loan back on time in cash, the company will deposit or cash your check and get their money back that way. However, this can mess up your credit and include extra fees, so you should try to pay the company back on your own.

Be Able to Show Personal Identification

Payday-advance companies will also require you to have personal identification, often more than one form of ID. You need at least one form of ID with your photograph, such as a driver's license or state ID. Some places do require more than one form of identification, such as a passport, military ID, or a credit card with your name on it. Many places also want you to bring in official mail that shows the address you are entering is indeed your address, so a utility or mortgage bill with your name and address on it is good to bring with you.

Prove You Have a Working Phone Number

They also want to be able to call you if there are any issues with paying back the loan, so bring your cell phone with you. The associate will likely want to call the number you put on your application and make sure they hear your cell phone ring at that time. 

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