A Few Things You Need To Know About Bail If Someone You Know Has Been Arrested

If you get a collect call from a correctional institute or county jail, you should probably take it to find out if someone important to you has been arrested. Once you know who it is, you may need to make arrangements to get them out of jail. Generally, this means you are either going to have to come up with the money to pay their bail or go to a bail bond company. To help you through the process, here are a few things you should know.

Paying Bail

Depending on why the person was arrested, the bail may be a set amount that can be paid immediately, or you may need to wait for your friend to see a judge to find out how much is needed. Generally, traffic warrants or other failure to appear warrants will have a set amount. This amount is generally the amount of any fines and warrants. Once this is paid, your friend will be released. However, it should be noted that if you are paying fines and fees for their release, the money will not be returned to you when they go to court.

Criminal charges often require a judge to set the bail. In some municipalities, there is a judge on duty at all times who can do this. However, most places will require the person stay in the detention center until the next court day. If they were arrested on a Friday evening, they will be there a least until Monday morning. You can go to the court appearance to find out how much the bail is and then pay it immediately for your friend's release.

Going to a Bail Bond Company

If you do not have the funds to pay the whole amount needed to get your friend out of jail, you will need to go to a bail bond company. The bail bondsman will talk with the court or detention center to find out how much is needed. You will need to come up with a percentage of the bail, usually 10 to 20 percent. The bondsman will then write a guarantee to the court, in the form of a bond, stating they will make sure that the arrested person will show up in court when required.

If the charges are serious, and the bail is very large, you may be required to provide some type of collateral to the bond company. This could be the title to a vehicle or your home.

Regardless of whether you pay the bail or use a bail bond company, you need to make sure your friend gets to court on time. If they do not go, you will not recover any money you paid for their release. In addition, a bond company will send out an apprehension agent to find them and take them back to jail.

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