How Hedge Funds Raise Capital

When hedge funds want to raise money from outside investors, they have to go through a process called "capital raising." This process can be complex, and there are different ways for hedge funds to go about it. This post discusses the various methods that hedge funds use to bring in new capital. What Is Capital Raising and Why Do Hedge Funds Need It? Capital raising is the process of gathering money from investors to fund a new business venture, product, or service.

4 Ways to Save Time and Money With an International Wire Transfer

There are many reasons why you may need to send money to another country. Perhaps you have a friend or family member located in another country that you want to send money to. Or maybe you are working with a company in another country, and you want to send money to them.   Either way, you need a means of sending money from the United States to another country, which is where an international wire transfer comes into play.